The days of a smoke with your coffee are going by the wayside; if you’re coffee comes from Starbucks, at least. Starting June 1, the company will ban smoking within 25 feet of all 7,000 of its cafes in the U.S. The policy will apply to patios and outside seating areas as well.

Adweek reports that there will likely be little complaint from customers, since smoking bans have become de rigueur across the country. New Yorkers, for example, can’t smoke in public parks or beaches; and in California, smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of any public-owned building.

An online movement of sorts from Starbucks consumers has been calling for a no-smoking policy since at least 2009. There has been no mention as of yet of how they plan to enforce the ban.

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No more smoking in front of Starbucks
A new policy will ban smoking within 25 feet of the chain's coffee shops.