From Wall Street to Main Street, businesses are looking for ways to enhance their environmental practices and increase their profit yield. Premier Global Services, Inc. is an Atlanta-based company working to reduce carbon emissions and paper waste and eliminate wasteful travel.

PGi and environmental responsibility have become key words for business leaders looking to cut costs and optimize efficiency and productivity while promoting a healthier environment for themselves and their clients.

Virtual boardrooms

While there are many ways to fight climate change, tackling the extensive emissions that come from traveling to meetings is a great start. Vehicles are a major source of carbon emissions, releasing over 1.7 billion tons of CO2 into the atmosphere each year. In a typical household, vehicles account for more than half of global emissions.

Through the use of virtual meetings, known as ‘green rooms,’ PGi enables businesses to cut back on or completely eliminate traditional boardroom meetings that require extensive travel. Their powerful web, audio, and video solutions replicate the benefits of a traditional boardroom meeting in a virtual setting, replacing old-fashioned video conferencing with a higher quality experience.

Reducing Paper, Energy and Water Waste

It’s not only carbon emissions that PGi is fighting. They offer environmental and cost-conscious solutions in the form of e-marketing programs, paperless billing and notification and reminder programs for clients that cut back on paper and energy use and other company expenses.

One of the innovative programs offered by PGi is Fax2Mail, a digital version of paper faxes, reducing not only energy and paper use, but the toxic greenhouse gases that come from frequent paper jams. For each piece of paper milled, 12 ounces of water are used. An average worker wastes approximately 1,400 pages – or 132 gallons – each year, according to PGi, so tack on water reduction to the many benefits of going paperless.

PGi’s Presentations on Demand, powered by Brainshark, allows users to create multimedia presentations that play in a web browser, making online presentations easy to arrange and attend. Options include online testing, participation tracking and interactive elements to keep the audience engaged.

Taking meetings to go

As iPads and smartphones get sleeker and smarter, the face of business is rapidly changing. PGi is constantly updating their technology to make things simpler and more efficient for their clients, keeping an eye on profitability while maintaining environmental standards.

With the introduction of PGi Mobile, users can join local or global meetings while at home or on the go with a single click. Precluding the need for expensive and energy-consuming travel, these virtual meetings can be done even without a home office, with just an iPhone, Blackberry or laptop.

Global and social responsibility

An essential component of the link between PGi and environmental responsibility is their charitable sponsorships and social outreach efforts.  To accomplish this, they lend financial and volunteer support to charities around the globe, including Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and the Black Forest Animal Sanctuary.

In their European offices, PGi is implementing progressive strategies to minimize waste and energy consumption through local green efforts. They have partnered with Greenmiles GmbH to offset their carbon emissions, support the Green Government Project and host competitions to encourage clients to use conferencing instead of travel.

With two decades of leadership and a presence in 24 countries, PGi is helping to change the way the world does business, minimizing the consumption of precious resources and maximizing efficiency.

Editor's note: PGi is a sponsor of the Mother Nature Network.

PGi and environmental responsibility
Premier Global Services, Inc. is an Atlanta-based company working to reduce carbon emissions and paper waste and eliminate wasteful travel.