More than 120,000 people from 160 countries registered for Reddit’s Secret Santa gift exchange this year, and among those surreptitious St. Nicks was none other than Bill Gates.

What does the second richest man on the planet buy for a Reddit-using stranger? A new car? A shopping spree? A tropical vacation? Well, this is Bill Gates after all.

The Reddit user, named Rachel, received a cuddly stuffed cow from the billionaire philanthropist.

But along with the stuffed cow came a charitable donation for a real cow in the her name to the brilliant non-profit organization, Heifer International. The charity is conceived around the idea of making sustainable gifts to fight hunger and poverty; like beehives to provide honey or a cow to supply milk. As listed in the organization's gift catalog, a cow comes in at $500.

Though the card with the gift was signed with a generic “Bill,” Gates included a picture of himself holding the cow; the stuffed cow, that is.

Rachel was, understandably, excited and grateful to have been randomly selected by Reddit’s automated system. In a post titled “Spoiler alert: Bill Gates did not get you, because he got me,” she said, “I want to start by giving a HUGE THANK YOU to Mr Bill Gates for an amazing gift and Secret Santa experience. Bill – you ROCK (can I call you Bill?! I feel like we’re friends now!).”

Newsy reports on the story in the video below:

Secret Santa rips off beard, revealed to be none other than Bill Gates
So, what did the billionaire bestow upon the unsuspecting giftee?