Work can be a crazy place. But before you let it get you down, remember, it could be worse. Here are some of the weirder work-related news stories we saw this week ...

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actress Kristen Stewart has been fired from the next Snow White movie (wait, wasn't she Snow White?!!?) for having an affair with her married director. Universal Studios, however, says she's not fired and they're still "exploring options" for continuing the franchise. Sounds a little iffy to me. If I were her, I'd start looking for a new gig. "The Scarlet Letter," perhaps?

Hollywood might be looking for reasons to lay off workers, but al-Qaida is apparently eager to recruit. Faced with a shortage of volunteers willing to give their all to the cause, the terrorist organization has created a "want ad" recruiting suicide bombers, Business Insider reports. A resume and "previous experience" is required.

If you think that sounds like dangerous work, try being an inexperienced thief in the well-heeled neighborhood of Palo Alto, Calif. One newbie crook unknowingly broke into the residence of Steve Jobs' widow and not only made off with a bunch of Apple computers, but with the Jobs' wallet — with his drivers' license still in it! CNET reports that it wasn't until he looked through the wallet that this rookie realized he was working above his pay grade and quickly stashed the wallet in a storage locker.

Another tech icon, Bill Gates, thinks technology is going in the toilet ... or at least he hopes so. Gates, whose Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation aims to improve living conditions for people everywhere, judged a contest at the "Reinvent the Toilet Fair" in Seattle last week as part of the organization's goal to provide efficient and sanitary toilets for people who don't have suitable facilities. NPR reports Gates judged many of the entries in person and that some of the demonstrations even featured ... props, shall we say.

Speaking of toilets, there's some new reading material headed to a book store near you. With his trial behind him, Jerry Sandusky has decided to head up his own marketing effort by writing a book while in prison. You may recall that his first book was called "Touched: The Jerry Sandusky Story." According to WJACTV reporter Gary Sinderson, Sandusky and his wife, Dottie, have been exchanging so much paperwork related to the book that the prison has suspended their written correspondence privileges.

And, while we're on the subject of writers (real ones this time) New York Magazine had a great article on journalist/editor/eternal teenager Jane Pratt. The former editor of Sassy confessed to a unique method of staffing her publications. Rather than look for the best talent, she thinks of it more as a casting call. She likes to cast characters — including one very serious drug addict — on her editorial teams. Those are some job interviews I'd like to sit in on. Popcorn, anyone?

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