When it comes to Zep and the environment, the company shows its commitment through both its sustainable business practices and its eco-friendly product lines.

In its operations, Zep works to reduce energy consumption, pollution, water usage and facility and manufacturing wastes. The company also recycles a variety of materials and is always working to increase its percentage of recycled content for packaging.

Zep is a leading provider of specialty chemical products, and it offers a variety of environmentally friendly cleaning agents, including the Selig, GreenLink and EnviroEdge product lines. An extensive staff of engineers, chemists and Environmental Health & Safety specialists developed the Selig products, which meet the strict environmental requirements held by many of Zep’s customers.

All GreenLink products must meet Zep’s 17-point formulation criteria to certify the cleaning agents as Environmentally Preferred Products. These strict criteria include standards such as using biodegradable surfactants, creating recyclable packaging and not adding volatile organic compounds, ozone-depleting ingredients or carcinogens. The GreenLink product line also includes many offerings that are certified by Green Seal, EcoLogo and the Environmental Protection Agency’s Design for the Environment program. 

Zep’s EnviroEdge line is another way the company is working to reduce its environmental impact while still offering effective, competitive products. EnviroEdge encompasses several chemical cleaning agents, including car wash and laundry products, which are produced through low-impact manufacturing that uses reduced energy and less water. This line is specially formulated and concentrated to reduce package size and save natural resources, which in turn leads to more efficient distribution and lower fuel consumption. EnviroEdge products are also VOC-compliant, use biodegradable surfactants and contain no chlorine bleach or phosphates.

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Zep and the environment
This company does its part for the environment by manufacturing eco-friendly chemical products.