Danielle is the owner of dvGreen, a sustainable party and event planning business in New York City. In her series, The Green Party, she offers creative tips for throwing everything from brunches to baby showers to Super Bowl parties in a more eco-friendly way. Check in each week to learn how to shop at your local farmers market and throw together elements from your home so your place becomes the cool, green place to celebrate.


Danielle:  Hi, I'm Danielle Venokur and I have a sustainable event production company called dvGreen.
Ever hard of a green party? That's what we do, and I'm here on MNN to show you how to do the same.
Danielle:  Happy birthday to me!
Danielle:  She shoots she scores!
Danielle:  I have been planning parties my whole life and you cannot imagine the waste that these things create.
So, in the last two years, I decided to go eco.
Danielle:  Touchdown Green!
Danielle:  I always love a good party, whether it's a wedding, a birthday party, corporate events, or non-profit fundraisers.
At dvGreen, we plan them all, and I am here to help you do the same.
Danielle:  Her motto is trash has feelings too, and I totally agree. And so does Elbert.

* * *

Danielle Venokur, creator of a Manhattan-based sustainable event planning company, hosts MNN's "The Green Party." In this series, Danielle offers her easy and elegant ideas for hosting intimate gatherings and big events in an eco-friendly way. Danielle has mastered the art of blending stylish and hip while being sustainable and responsible. You can learn about her party style by looking at other chapters of "The Green Party" video series.


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