Join Danielle for easy, breezy, eco-friendly brunch ideas as she shops with Jeffrey Zurofsky at a New York farmers market. Danielle offers creative presentation tips and reminds you that organic brunch includes more than organic food and flowers, it can include organic beverage selections too. (Nick Scott/MNN)


Danielle: Hey guys, I’m Danielle and today, I’m going to help you put together a casual, eco-friendly Sunday brunch.
First, we are going to meet up with Jeffrey Zurofsky from ‘wichcraft sandwich shop here in New York, and he’s going to take us to the farmers market and help us go shopping our organic, local meal. And then we’ll come back here and talk about how to set the table.

Danielle: Here we are today with Jeffrey Zurofsky from ‘wichcraft sandwich shop in New York.
What’s up Moody!!!
It’s New York City, it’s a regular neighborhood here and we have a farmers market right in the center of the city.

Jeffrey: We’re here to try a couple cheeses that are going to go great as an accent in an omelette. So let’s try something. What do you suggest?
Cheese vendor: Well, let’s start out with Womanchego.
Danielle: That’s good.

Jeffrey: That’s really good.

Cheese vendor: This is cheddar. It is called catalan.

Jeffrey: Yeah, I mean my favorite is the cheddar – the cheddar style. Check out DiPaola Turkey here. I have bought my Thanksgiving turkeys here. They are the best. Everything here is natural, free range, great turkeys. Everything is humane. We’re getting some turkey sausage here. You could crumble it up and sauté it and put it into scrambled eggs as well. That would be fun. That cheese that we had before, this stuff, and a couple of the eggs we are about to get would be a fantastic scrambled egg. So we are at Knoll Krest Farms. I said we were going to get some eggs. These are the best in the market - nothing better than free range, natural-raised made eggs.

Danielle: So, brown or white?

Jeffrey: Brown is fine. I don’t really think there is much of a difference.  I don’t really think that’s important, as long as it is coming from a good source, that’s what is the most important thing.

Danielle: Now that Jeffrey has helped us figure out exactly what we are going to be eating at our breakfast, now let’s talk about the important stuff - what are we going to be drinking?
So, today we are going to be using some modmix, which is this delicious organic mixer and for vodka, we are going to be using pure, organic Purus Vodka - which is an organic wheat vodka.

So you want to make sure, regardless of what beverages you are serving, you want to use freshly-squeezed juices. Ideally you are buying your fruits at the market and they are fresh local or organic fruits and then there is a wide variety of organic spirits that are available now. We chose Purus for today, but there are certainly other options out there too.

So, now we've got our food and we've got our drink, so let's talk a little decor. For place settings, I really just went to the cabinet, found the flat wear and china that I had and I just created like a nice clean, sleek look. What I used to set the tone and the color scheme for the table is these great placemats from Paper Table. They are reusable, but also, if they get damaged, they are 100% recyclable, so it's a great option.

And, here at each place, we have organic, loose leaf lavender Earl Grey tea from Pear and Peony.

OK, so now that you have your beautiful table setting, we've got our great food that Jeffrey helped us pick out, we have our fabulous organic drinks - do not forget to compost! At that same farmers market where you bought your vegetables and your flowers, I am sure there is someone there who is accepting compost waste. So make sure when you are cooking your meal, to separate your natural waste from any sort of papers and plastics, and keep all of that separate compost waste and at the end of your meal, when you send your friends home, you will go back to the farmers market.

* * *

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