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Joshua trees face extinction by 2070 unless we address climate change

Ohio lost a third of its butterflies in 21 years — and it probably isn't alone

One of New Zealand's rarest parakeets is having a banner breeding season

Loggerhead sea turtles nesting in record numbers in Southeast

England gets its swans in a row

The red-cockaded woodpecker is making a comeback

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Why the Apollo 11 anniversary still matters

Birds' beauty and resilience shine through in winning Audubon images

Remembering Apollo 11 and the giant step that changed everything

Photographers capture gorgeous images of canine pals in U.K. contest

Who needs fireworks when you have the stars?

National park poster artist aims to inspire a new generation of nature lovers

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Celebrity pets: Furry friends of the rich and famous

10 cats that act like dogs (but still have kitty traits)

22 awesome projects for Raspberry Pi

8 deadly diseases cured by modern science

13 facts to change the way you see elephants

10 spectacular images from NASA's Spitzer telescope

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