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A horse named Jenny takes a daily stroll through the streets of Frankfurt

Calf sightings in Cape Cod Bay are big news for endangered right whales

Wolves will roam once again in the Netherlands after 150-year absence

Why do bees have pockets?

Russia will release 10 orcas, 87 belugas from overcrowded 'whale jail'

Norway won't drill in Arctic archipelago for billions of barrels of oil

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8 new UNESCO geoparks that will take your breath away

What's next for SpaceX in its mission to send humans to space?

England's 'cosmic census' reveals scale of light pollution

After the fire, the fate of Notre Dame's relics comes into view

The colorful, fantastical world of Dale Chihuly

What's next for the Event Horizon Telescope?

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A guide to the full moons of 2019

12 worst U.S. cities for allergy sufferers

10 breathtaking stained-glass windows

13 must-see trees around the world

11 energetic dogs for active people

10 styles of fishing around the world

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