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Greenland sharks can live for more than 500 years

The North Atlantic right whale could be extinct in 20 years

Should cheetahs be added to the endangered list?

Hairy blue-and-black tarantula discovered in Guyana rainforest

The U.S. just revealed its recovery plan for Mexican gray wolves

Australian zoo celebrates birth of second black rhino baby

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Award-winning Nat Geo images capture magical moments in nature

A 'Last Jedi' battle was filmed on Earth's largest salt flat

Winning photos capture awe-inspiring moments of science

Behold the dreamy beauty of Jupiter's clouds

Before the fire: Capturing the beauty of Columbia River Gorge

Small worlds loom large in Nikon's photomicrography contest

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10 Cold War sites you can visit today

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7 less-famous natural history museums worth a visit

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