Learn how we help people interact in an environmentally-friendly way.



Boland Jones: Ever since I have been a professional working person, I have been involved in communications and communication technologies.

Whether you are running the biggest global company in the world, or you’re just running your school activities for your children, communication technologies is part of our lives. We can’t get around from that.

David Guthrie: We have lots of different technologies on the platform. We can deliver our documents via e-mail, fax, voice and SMS. We can host conference calls. We can host web conferencing calls. We can stream video. This communication operating system is live. It is 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, available on demand, anytime enterprises want to leverage it.

Boland Jones: What we have done at Premiere Global Services is we’ve created the world’s first communications operating system.

You can apply these communication technologies anyway you feel is important to you as an individual or your company. That’s what a communication operating system should do, and that’s what ours does.


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Learn how we help people interact in an environmentally friendly way