Ga Aquarium Coral Reef

Georgia Aquarium takes our nation’s veterans on a deep dive

The Veterans Immersion Program began in 2008 with the hope of aiding the rehabilitation of vets and active service members.

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Cephalopod Awareness

So You Think You Know Cephalopods?

african penguins

These endangered animals need our help

Clownfish in an anemone

Fun animal facts

Dolphins, mercury and human health

Dolphins play a role in human health, acting as the ocean version of "canaries in the coal mine" and warning of mercury in the seafood we eat.

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Georgia Aquarium is home to tens of thousands of animals, covering 500 species.

Beneath the Scenes: How Georgia Aquarium creates and conserves its own sea water

A group of military volunteers at Georgia Aquarium

At your service: Military volunteers share their passion for all things aquatic

A Georgia Aquarium team of volunteers on Sweep the Hooch day.

Sweeping the Hooch, one trashbagful at a time