Emily Murphy

Emily Murphy
Emily Murphy, an environmental news journalist, is the President of Narrative Content Group. Since 2008, she has built and managed teams that create engaging, easy-to-understand sustainability content for mainstream audiences and major brands at Mother Nature Network and TreeHugger.


Murphy is a digital media veteran who focuses on developing environmental content that is trustworthy, relevant, and helpful. She was the Managing Editor of MNN.com when the site launched in 2009. Prior to MNN, she was an award-winning multimedia producer at USATODAY.com and nationalgeographic.com, where she helped launch National Geographic for Kids magazine and the accompanying web site in 2000. She started her career at CNN, where she was an Emmy Award-winning broadcast news producer.


Murphy received her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University, where she studied history, political science, and studio art. She was a Ted Scripps Fellow of Environmental Journalism at the University of Colorado and received certificates in Multimedia Tools and Techniques from The Poynter Institute and Sustainability as a Strategic Business Enabler from the Yale School of Management.

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