Photo of the Day

June 13, 2014, 1 p.m.
You can practically hear the babbling of the water rushing over the rocks when you look at this meditative photograph.
June 12, 2014, 1 p.m.
When two Alaskan brown bears have an argument, they don't exactly use their words to sort out their opinions on the matter.
June 12, 2014, 1 p.m.
This eerie beach has an interesting story, and is pure heaven for landscape photographers.
June 11, 2014, 1 p.m.
These 11 geese, and the thousands more outside the frame, are each a reason why sunsets are so worth our time: watching and listening to birds take wing across an orange sky is unforgettable.
June 10, 2014, 1 p.m.
The unusual and beautiful cliffs have a fascinating geological history.
June 9, 2014, 1 p.m.
A mute swan signet scarfs up some delicious algae, mimicking mom who feasts in the background.
June 8, 2014, 1 p.m.
When you stop to take a close (very close) look at the world from a ladybug's perspective, it's amazing the terrain that these little insects navigate every day!
June 7, 2014, 1 p.m.
When a grizzly bear decides to charge downstream after a salmon, it's a good idea to stay out of the way.
June 6, 2014, 1 p.m.
A wild red fox pauses for the photographer with his best 'I think deep thoughts' look.