Russell McLendon

Russell McLendon
I'm science editor for MNN, where I help plan, produce and edit content for the site. I cover a wide range of topics related to nature, science and sustainability, mostly by writing but also sometimes by drawing cartoons or infographics.

I've been with MNN since 2008, watching it grow from a tiny startup into one of the world's top environmental news sites. I've also had a lifelong fascination with nature, probably due to all the time I spent exploring my backyard as a kid — along with years of indoctrination by Ranger Rick, Mr. Wizard and Captain Planet.

I have degrees in journalism and environmental anthropology from the University of Georgia, where I also served as a reporter, editor and cartoonist for the independent student newspaper. Before joining MNN, I covered local news and sports in Louisiana and worked as a copy editor for Creative Loafing in Atlanta.

If I'm not writing or drawing, there's a good chance I'm running in the woods, struggling to grow tomatoes or trying to keep up with my son as he explores the backyard.

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