Russell McLendon

Russell McLendon


Russell McLendon is a science journalist with more than a decade of experience covering a variety of topics related to environmental and human health. He is especially focused on humans' connections with nature, from biophilia and home gardening to our roles in the climate crisis and wildlife declines.


McLendon is a writer, editor and illustrator who has been with Mother Nature Network since its founding in 2008. He helps plan, produce and edit content for MNN, and in addition to writing about a wide range of issues, also sometimes draws cartoons and makes infographics. Prior to joining MNN, he worked as a writer and copy editor for Creative Loafing, an Atlanta newsweekly founded in 1972 that covers local news, music, arts and entertainment. He has also covered news and sports for other local newspapers, serving as an editor as well as reporter, and spent two years drawing editorial cartoons for his college newspaper at the University of Georgia.


McLendon holds two bachelor's degrees — in magazine journalism and environmental anthropology — from the University of Georgia, where he graduated in 2005.

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