Stacie Boschma

Stacie Boschma
Stacie Boschma walked a fine line in corporate settings as a “creative technical writer” for about a decade, until she finally accepted that freelance writing was the only career option that could satisfy her need for a diversity of projects. She continues to make corporate clients look really good, but on her own terms.

Adding fuel to the writing life, she’s also interned on small farms, helped out as a volunteer with Crop Mob Atlanta, and maintains an aspirational vegetable garden where she battles shade and tries to apply permaculture principles to her city lot. Stacie is an avid fan of weird foods, especially ferments, and makes pickles and krauts, kombucha, beer, and mead from the honey her backyard bees produce.

Stacie lives a few feet outside of Atlanta proper with a dog, a cat, and various bubbling vessels keeping life interesting. Follow her on Twitter at @staciewrites.

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