Starre Vartan

Starre Vartan
Starre Vartan has been an environmental + science journalist for over a decade, and has written for Slate, Newsweek, The Daily Beast, New York magazine, Metropolis, Audubon magazine (where she was a columnist), Whole Living, Pacific Standard, Marie Claire, Vice, and many more. She founded the award-winning site,, on which her book, "The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to Be Fabulously Green" (St. Martin's Press, 2009), is based. Starre was chosen as one of Glamour magazine's Top Green Women for the 70th anniversary issue, and has been quoted by the New York Times for her ecological expertise. Starre has a BS in geology from Syracuse University and an MFA in writing from Columbia University. When not on the road visiting her family in Australia or checking out swimming holes the world over, she gardens, hikes, reads novels, mountain bikes and snowboards. She's currently based in the Seattle area, after stints living in the Bay Area of California, the mountains of Oregon, and the Big Island of Hawaii, but she will always consider NYC and New York's Hudson Valley, where she grew up, her heart's true home.

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