Tom Oder

Tom Oder
Tom's headline in The Atlanta Journal the day Atlanta won the 1996 Olympics sold more newspapers than any headline in the history of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Now he has his own business, Worldwide Editing, and is a sought-after communications specialist who creates and packages messages for executives and entrepreneurs that help them stand out from their competition. Some success stories: A public policy piece that carried the name of an Atlanta Olympic hero, a C-suite leader who said "I never knew I could write so well" and a key role in a 60-nation-plus project to promote the anniversary of a European global non-profit. Environmental and sustainable writing is a passion. Tom is a frequent contributor to Mother Nature Network, which often shares his articles with The government of Taiwan has invited him to that country twice to write about Taiwan's floriculture industry and the breeding and production of the Phalaenopsis orchid, Taiwan's signature horticulture export.

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