So, I totally get it if you're currently a touch preoccupied with the upcoming expiration of a certain non-Gregorian calendar. I saw that terrible Nicolas Cage movie, too. But never mind the impending apocalypse ... it's time to start thinking about getting your days on the month organized in 2013!

For your perusal, I've wrangled up 13 eye-catching calendars of all varieties — letterpress, multipurpose, perpetual, tea towel, bubble wrap-based, etc. — to help you keep on top of things in the new year while also bringing a bit of personality to a desktop, kitchen, home office, or wherever. That is, provided of course, that on the first day of winter Earth doesn't collide with Planet X or major cities are invaded by Draconian Reptoids

A unique, handmade (as most of my picks are) calendar also makes for a great holiday gift/stocking stuffer for that constantly harried and disorganized person in your life (not an entirely undermining gift option). I'm just disappointed that puppies belonging to nearly every single AKC-recognized breed get their own wall calendars, but adorable baby sloths? I can't find anything! C'mon Etsy artisans! Get with the program!

Flash Flood 2013 Letterpress Calendar by Oddball Press @ Etsy ($10)

2013 Buy Local Calendar Tea Towel by Claudia Pearson @ Etsy ($16)

The South Illustrated 2013 Letterpress Calendar by Sideshow Press @ Garden & Gun Store ($75)

Animal Perpetual Calendar @ West Elm ($29)

Perpetual Calendar by Dependable Letterpress @ Etsy ($9.50)

Garden Sketches Calendar by Rifle Paper Co. @ Terrain ($20)

2013 Animal Calendar @ MoMA Store ($12.48)

2013 Stitch the Stars Calendar Kit by Heather Lins Home @ Supermarket ($24)

2013 1Canoe2 Letterpress Desk Calendar @ Paper Source ($24.95)

Bubble Calendar 2013 by Stephen Turbek @ ($17.50)

2013 Cute Animal Calendar - 5x7 by Loopz @ Etsy ($20)

2013 Letterpress Coaster Calender by Sugarcube Press @ Kate's Paperie ($25.95)

2013 Cities Calendar by Rifle Paper Co. @ The Curiosity Shoppe ($26)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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