It is looking to be a big year for one of my favorite great outdoors-celebrating annual events, an event that, although technically geared toward the elementary school set,  remind us that we're never too old to ditch the iPad on the bedside table, give the AC a breather, and head outdoors to sleep underneath a glorious, starlit suburban sky ...

To mark the Great American Backyard Campout's 10th anniversary, the National Wildlife Federation's board of directors and "friends" have vowed to donate $2 for every person who pledges to participate in this year's GABC — it's due to take place in just a couple of short weeks on June 28. In total, up to $400,000 will potentially be donated to the NWF's wildlife conservation initiatives.

Planning on gathering a few friends and making the pledge to kind of rough it in your — or someone else's — backyard for the night? You've come to the right place.

Below, you'll find 14 Mother Nature-approved — and I'd like to think Phyllis Nefler-approved — backyard camping essentials ranging from classic Pendleton camp blankets to old-timey popcorn poppers to the most clever LED flashlight you ever did see. All are worth taking along with you on the arduous journey from your bedroom to your backyard camp site. Most can also be used on real camping excursions, as well. And before you get too carried away, be sure to check out these tips and tidbits to help you prep for your backyard adventure.

Bulb Flashlight by Lin Guohul @ MoMA Store ($45)

Pendleton Camp Blanket with Carrier - Hemrich Stripe @ Poketo ($158)

Old-Fashioned Harmonica by Ridley's @ Terrain ($8)

Bird Bingo @ Daytrip Society ($29.95)

Jacob Bromwell Original Popcorn Popper @ Dry Goods ($99)

Scout Matches @ Izola ($8)

Leather Fly Swatter @ Kaufmann Mercantile ($15.95)

Alite FreeLine Table @ Without Walls ($220)

2 Cup Glass Food Storage with Silicone Sleeve @ Lifefactory ($17.99 - pictured in Grey)

Paddle Your Own Canoe Paddle Ball Set @ Izola ($29)

Beacon LED Lantern @ CB2 ($19.95)

Natural Beg Repellent Stick @ Beekman 1802 Mercantile ($12)

"Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Camp Fire Stories" by Carolyn Keene and Franklin W. Dixon @ (various prices)

Vortex Hand-Crank Blender by GSI Outdoors @ Without Walls ($114.95)

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14 survival essentials for the Great American Backyard Campout '14
The suburban backyard can be a wild and unforgiving place. Don't forget your hand-crank blender, old-timey harmonica and fancy leather fly swatter.