Hipcycle, a new online retailer that aims to be the "Amazon of upcycled products" according to its founder, Andrew Sell, got a nice little write-up in the Home & Garden section of yesterday's New York Times. Glad I caught it since I hadn't yet caught wind of this virtual storefront where there's plenty of eye-catching upcycled goodies for the taking, some which I've seen around (recycled vinyl record coasters) and some of which are new to me (awesome candelabras made from salvaged wooden spindles). Centered mostly around housewares and furniture along with office and garden supplies, the well-curated inventory of around 350 products mainly sourced from Etsy sellers can be browsed by source material including plastic, paper, glasswood, railroad parts, bike parts, and even, umm, chopsticks. And, yes, there are a ton of items crafted from old booze bottles. 


Below you'll find a few standout products up for grabs at Hipcycle (be sure to bookmark for upcoming holiday shopping ideas) that I thought would come in super-handy around the house this fall season.


For a dreary Sunday morning snuggle = Patches Pillow ($99)















For a rainy autumn afternoon = 50 Gallon Rain Barrel in Burnt Orange ($89)














For that post-work hard apple cider = 16 oz Upcycled Bottle Drinking Glasses ($40/set of 4)














For a cozy, candlelit harvest dinner = Spindelabra ($90)















For cleaning up after that muddy romp around the backyard =  Woven Tire Door Mat ($25)














For beer bottle-heavy Sunday Night Football viewing parties = Set of 6 Record Coasters ($18)














For your festive Turkey Day tablescape = Torso Foil Vase ($38)









Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

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