Personally, I just can’t get enough of Amy Sedaris’s outrageous — but also useful — household upcycling ideas brought to life in her newest book “Simple Times: Crafts for People.” But with chapters titled “Handicraftable,” “Crafting for Jesus,” “Sausages,” and “Making Love,” it’s a book that’s decidedly not for everyone.

Covering a similar topic but with a more vanilla approach is the recently released “Real Simple: 869 New Uses for Old Things.” Essentially, the book is an assemblage of tips and tidbits from Real Simple magazine’s New Uses for Old Things column the go-to place when looking to find secondary uses household for objects ranging from aluminum foil (glassware scrubber, piecrust protector) to Ziploc bags (funnel, wax remover).

So while you may not find instructions on how to make a wind chime out of rusty nails or a kazoo out of a toilet paper tube, wax paper, and a rubber band (you’ll need Sedaris’s book for that), there’s more than a few — 869, to be exact — excellent creative repurposing ideas to be found in Real Simple’s latest book.

The book’s editor, Rachel Hardage, explains to The San Francisco Chronicle that "we wanted to do a fun, colorful book of the great tips we've used over the years from the section of our magazine that readers always talk about. In the past few years, the green trend has really taken hold — and is really how we live now — and we're showing you how to repurpose things."

While I haven’t had a first-hand look at "Real Simple: 869 New Uses for Old Things,” I’m a fan of the column particularly when it goes beyond baking-soda-as-a-household-cleaner type of tips and focuses on more “well, who woulda thought?” items. One that I’ve tried out is using dental floss as a cheese slicer. Trust me, it works. And needless to say, unless you want your fresh mozzarella to have a minty bite, go with an unflavored variety.

Are there any creative recycling ideas from the New Uses for Old Things column or the book itself that you’re particularly fond of? Please do share in the comments section!

Real Simple: 869 New Uses for Old Things” ($27.95) Time Inc. Home Entertainment 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

'869 New Uses for Old Things': A reference guide for creative reuse
Real Simple's latest book suggests ways -- 869 ways, to be exact -- on how to reuse and recycle a bounty of household items.