Spring cleaners: Have you hit up that disorganized panic-attack-of-a-closet yet? 
If you think that somewhere in that unholy mess there’s a pair or two of purge-worthy jeans, consider sending them off to Fatboy, the designer beanbag furniture — yes, designer beanbag furniture — powerhouse from Finland. Fatboy will donate your old baby blues to someone in need and, in return for your good deed, you’ll get 25 percent off when head on over to Design Public and purchase (through Friday, May 6) the newest member of the Fatboy family: Fatboy Jeans, a super-cozy oversized (70-by-55-inch!!) beanbag chair that’s dressed in a 98.7 percent organic cotton cover. The promotional deal is called, most fittingly, “Let Go and Get.”
If you’ve never experienced a Fatboy chair before, let’s just say I’d furnish my entire apartment with ‘em if I could. The last I sat in — lounged in is a much more appropriate term to use here —one was this past January as I basked underneath SAD lights at an indoor  “pop-up park” in Manhattan.
Here’s how the “Let Go and Get” deal works: Send your old denim to the address below and then order yourself Fatboy Jeans at Design Public through Friday, May 6. Or place the order first since the clock is ticking. Fatboy Jeans isn't exactly cheap so the 25 percent off discount code you’ll be entering — LETGOANDGET — will help ease the “oh my god I just bought a $430 organic cotton beanbag chair!” pain. Shipping is free and the promotion is based on an honor system so if you’re going to use the code, you better send in a pair of old jeans for karma’s sake. And in case you're wondering, your old jeans will be donated to the Goodwill in Dallas. 
Here’s the official product description of Fatboy Jeans:
Live fast and die young" is not quite applicable to Fatboy products since they are made to last way longer than your attention span. However, just like 'Rebel WIthout a Cause' Jim Stark, the Fatboy original beanbag is sort of a cult figure. A cult figure with eye-catching flare that happily remains alive and kicking. And like any other hot celebrity, the Fatboy Original shows us a lot of skin. And this time it is beautiful denim skin. The James Dean look and lifestyle is not mandatory to fully appreciate this latest Fatboy jeans version, because its denim skin will snuggle your cheeky bottom like your favorite jeans without any remorse. Yes, the pleasure is all yours. This popular jeans look is created from organic denim of the highest quality, just stretchy enough and easy to clean like hand washing your favorite sports car. It is spectacularly modest, simply practical, relaxed and nonchalant.
Love it. If you don’t have any jeans to give up or if you’re not loving the looks (or price tag) of Fatboy’s latest product, Design Public carries an extensive selection of Fatboy beanbag seats and stools, hammocks, and, last not but least, the Fatboy Doggielounge. And for even more Fatboy goodness, head on over to the Fatboy store.
Send old jeans to:
Fatboy USA
875 West Sandy Lake Road, Suite 100

Coppell, Texas 75019
Click here for more info. 
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Image: Fatboy

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A big 'Fat' deal for denim recyclers
Save a few bucks on Fatboy Jeans, the biggest, baddest organic cotton beanbag chair in town, when you recycle your old denim through Design Public's 'Let Go and