Ah springtime ... the season of rebirth, renewal, and tracking ungodly amounts of muck and guck indoors.


Given that a doormat is the very first thing a visitor sees — or at least steps on — before entering your humble abode, it always helps to make a good (and preferably non-perverted) impression starting at the threshold, right? Right.


For those of you whose existing welcome mats and doormats have seen better days and need replacement, now's the time to do so especially for gardeners and/or those with active kids in the home. Below, you'll find eight exceptional options that are handmade and/or made from a host of eco-friendly materials including natural coconut husk fibers (coir), recycled rubber, retired lobster rope once used by Maine fishermen, and even recycled flip-flop sandals. Some are rather straightforward when it comes to design — it's not always necessary to be fancy or clever when it comes to this utilitarian home staple — but for those who'd prefer to inject a bit of whimsy and personality into the proceedings, there's something for you as well. And just curious ... what's the funniest doormat message you've ever had the pleasure of wiping your dirty shoes on?


Painted Stripe Doorman @ West Elm ($29)















Flip Flip Door Mat @ Viva Terra ($29 - $95)













Defense Mat by Reed Wilson @ American Design Club ($50)











Recycled Water-guard Mat @ Williams-Sonoma ($39.95)











Float Rope Door Mat @ hipcycle ($50)











Bespoke Doormat @ Sprout Home ($31)












Mrs. Terwillnger Mat @ UncommonGoods ($34)












Loopy Rubber Doormat @ Chiasso ($38)

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A green first impression: 8 eco-doormats for spring
Greet muddy-shoed visitors this spring with a handsome welcome mat or doormat that's handmade from recycled or natural materials instead of the standard rubber