With all the buzz swirling around the cash for caulkers home weatherization program, you might have forgotten about the $300-million, government-funded rebate program for purchasing EnergyStar-branded home appliances. Well, it’s officially up and running.

Although not quite as daunting as undertaking major home retrofitting projects, buying a new appliance through what’s formally known as the State Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Progam is still no small deal. That’s why having a cut-and-dry, state-specific (rebates vary from state to state) online resource is much appreciated.

A couple days back, food blogger Robin wrote about how she was initially having trouble finding a decent, central source of information about the appliance rebate program until she stumbled across Sears.com which links to the EnergyStar website.

I have another resource to add if you don’t want to go through Sears: EcoRebates.com, a website that basically functions as a virtual “energy-efficient appliance rebates and incentives for dummies” type of guide. Not only does EcoRebates.com give users state-by-state breakdowns of available specific rebates and incentives but it also aggregates the latest news and developments in the glamorous world of appliance rebates. Additionally, links to local retailers selling qualifying appliance as listed. And, not surprisingly, the database features a blog.

The biggest selling point of EcoRebates.com for me? Instead of scrolling through long lists, users simply click through to their state on an interactive map and voila … all the information you might need at your fingertips.

Says Brett Battles, founder/CEO of EcoRebates.com: 

We support economic incentives, especially those that promote energy efficiency, but the existing rebate programs need to be easier to use. Consumers shouldn't have to be detectives to find available rebate information that's relevant to them," said Brett Battles, founder and CEO of EcoRebates.com.
I’m not on the market for a new appliance (I’m a NYC renter who dreams of having a dishwasher) but if I were, I’d dig a site like EcoRebates.com that reads the oft-confusing fine print and simplifies it so that you don't have to. 

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A no-sweat home appliance rebate resource
Designed to take the guesswork out of buying energy-efficient home appliances, EcoRebates.com includes a state-by-state rebate database of available incentives.