Here’s some most excellent green product design news to start off the week. One of my favorite design firms, London’s SUCK UK (never mind the name, they certainly aren’t sucky) has entered the guerrilla gardening movement with Flower Grenades, a cheeky take on traditional seedbombs.

SUCK UK’s just-released ceramic “throw and grow” Flower Grenades are packed with wildflower seeds ... toss one in a “derelict area of soil” around your ‘hood — or even in your own backyard —that needs a little green lovin' and within months the clay will dissolve in the rain and flowers will bloom. Can't stand your neighbor and his neglected, barren front yard? Forget civility ... I can't imagine anything more therapeutic than tossing a Flower Grenade onto the offending property. Just don't get yourself thrown in the slammer. 
I love the concept but I’m curious as to what exact type of seeds are actually embedded in these little guys. Granted that Flower Grenades were designed/conceived in the UK, will one flourish if detonated in, let’s say, Southern California? I can't say for sure but it does appear that you can order a three-pack of your very own explosive-shaped ceramic seedbombs direct from SUCK UK for £12. Or you can just wait until they hit stateside retail shelves.  

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A perfect projectile for the cultivation underground
Before embarking on any covert seed-sowing missions this summer, ensure that your guerilla gardening arsenal is well-stocked with SUCK UK Flower Grenades.