Over in Europe, the land of verbose iceboxes, an energy-efficient fridge from the future named Coldy 3000 promises to keep your milk extra fresh if you signed a petition this week urging EU decision-makers to adopt stringent efficiency standards for refrigerators, TVs, and other energy-guzzling appliances. According to Azazz.org, these home appliances are the source of half of Europe's greenhouse gas emissions. The petition reads:

The EU must adopt strong efficiency standards for energy-using products like fridges, televisions, and boilers, to reduce Europe's overall climate pollution by 10% per year by 2020. These standards will save consumers money, help save the climate, and spur other nations to take action as well.
The last time my refrigerator started talking to me about European politics, I got into a heated debate with my landlord about whether or not appliance exorcisms were covered in my lease terms. Apparently, they're not. I can't vouch for all refrigerators, but here are a few ways that I've kept mine silenced. For more on energy-efficient appliances stateside, the ENERGY STAR homepage is a wealth of information. 



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A PSA from Coldy 3000
Move over Wall-E, a fridge from the future has a few words on bolstering energy efficiency standards for appliances in the EU.