I’m always on the hunt for multi-purpose home furnishings and accessories that are innovative, cost-effective, and ideal for cramped spaces. Most recently, I blogged about the Voltpot (a coffee table/indoor planter/microbial fuel cell-powered gizmo charger), a birdhouse/shovel, and even a 2-in-1 goldfish bowl/indoor planter. Want to avoid buying individual bookshelves, chair, desk, and um, wheelbarrow? Get a load of the Bookinist.

While Nils Holger Moormann’s Bookinist isn’t necessarily constructed from eco-materials — it’s birch-plywood — it does pack several purposes into a singular piece of furniture. Inspired equally by a pushcart and literary leisure pursuits, the Bookinist is a mobile library with bookshelves built into the arms and backrest (it can hold up to 80 paperbacks), secret nooks and crannies for stashing reading accoutrement (pencils, a pencil sharpener, reading glasses, bookmarks, and a notebook are included), and a lamp attached to the arm. This bookworm loves the idea although I wouldn’t have much use for the wheels in my Brooklyn apartment.

As noted over at Re-Nest, the Bookinist doesn’t look like the most comfy thing in the world to spend a few hours in but I’m thinking a couple of super-plush pillows and a throw could remedy that.

The award-winning Bookinist comes in red, white, and black. Price/retailer information doesn’t seem to be available although it appears to be a German import. What do you think? Silly or an attractive 4-in-1 piece of furniture?  

Via [Re-Nest]

Images: Nils Holger Moormann

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