Greetings from my very un-Brooklyn home away from home this week, Little St. Simons Island. I’ve decamped to this stunning and secluded eco-resort — think Deep South safari camp meets environmentally conscious B&B — off the coast of Georgia on assignment for an upcoming Destination of the Week article. My stay on LSSI has been a treat so far: critters galore (including gators 'n’ snakes), naturist-led bike rides and hikes through untouched wilderness (10,000 undeveloped acres of it), rustic (no TV!) but comfy (plush bathrobes!) accommodations, and since this is South Georgia, a whole lot of freshly brewed sweet tea that’s available 24/7.

While the guests on LSSI have been raving about the sweet tea, I’m more impressed with another kind of tea that’s frequently “served” on the island: compost tea. LSSI has its own USDA certified organic garden overseen by head gardener Amy Schuster (much of the produce and herbs that appear in the delicious meals on LSSI comes from said garden) and an equally impressive composting system in place to divert waste and provide the garden with organic fertilizer. I got a tour of the multi-stage composting system on LSSI that includes spraying crops with nutrient-rich compost tea.

Unfamiliar with this super beneficial, easy-to-brew "gourmet" liquid fertilizer? Head on over to to learn how to make your very own compost tea and be sure to check out the informative video from Garden Girl Patti Moreno (via HuffPo Green) below. Experienced compost tea brewers, have any pointers?


Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

A tea that's not for summer sippin'
As things heat up and iced tea season officially begins, try brewing a special gourmet treat for your garden: Compost tea.