Welcome to the second-to-last installment of “All decked out," a series of of posts where I tackle a part of the home where the great outdoors and the green indoors meet: your patio, porch, lanai, deck, or whatever you might call it. In a months-long quest to help you reach eco-friendly deck-dom, I've covered planters, non-gruesome bug traps, alfresco eatin’ and drinkin’ waresdecor items, low impact lamps and lanterns, eye-catching watering cans, outdoor furnishings including chairs, sofas, and eco-swings and hammocks, low-VOC stains and sealants, bleach-free cleanersoutdoor fireplaces, and an item that makes lounging on a back deck or porch complete: a good book. Phew. 


Before next week's 14th and final installment, I thought I'd take a look back and round up some of the best and brightest deck-ready products that I've featured over the summer. Enjoy.


Pedestal Beverage Dispenser @ VivaTerra ($79)


















Jericho Beach Deck Chair @ Gallant & Jones ($275; 215 w/out pillow)


















Pod Planters @ Sprout Home ($164 - $174)















Blown Glass Cage Terrarium @ terrain($138)















Recycled Glass Wasp Catcher @ Real Goods ($13 - green, aqua or orange)















TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain @GreenDepot ($36.95, 1 gal.)
















Pigeon Toe Ceramics Kerr Votive Lantern @ Supermarket ($30)















Recycled Sheet Metal Watering Can @ Real Goods ($15.95) 















Loll Go Collection Porch Swing @ Design Within Reach ($850)















Square Patio Firepit @ Unique Garden Decor ($1,320 - $2,100)















Product Design in the Sustainable Era @ Amazon.com  ($26.39)















Biowash Simple Wash @ ecohaus ($14.99, 1/2 gal; $27.49, 1 gal) 














Faraday Sofa @ Pottery Barn ($489, frame only) 

















Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

All decked out: Best of
Take a look back at 13 eco must-haves for your deck or patio including wasp catchers, watering cans and the finest porch swing made from recycled plastic milk j