Welcome to the latest installment of my special “All decked out” series where I spotlight a part of the home where the great outdoors and the green indoors meet: your patio, porch, lanai, deck, terrace, or whatever you choose to call it. So far, I’ve recommended outfitting your outdoor space eco-friendly outdoor decor items, planters, non-gruesome bug traps, and alfresco eatin’ and drinkin’ wares. Today it’s all about eco-illumination as I give props to lights, lamps, lanterns, and the like that provide outdoor spaces with a gentle glow once the sun begins its descent. While the focus here is on solar-powered devices, I’ve also opened it up to other non-electric options, too.

Bamboo Delights by Bambu @ Branch ($19/set of 6)















Smart Candles @ MoMA Store ($28)















SOLIG Solar-Powered Light Chain - 8 globes @ IKEA ($19.99)















Color Changing Solar Light @ Target ($17.99)















Recycled Glass Hurricanes @ Williams-Sonoma Home ($48-$58)














IDEA Solar Sputnik Light @ A+R Store ($22 - various colors)















Square Solar Shoji Lanterns @ Gaiam ($36; $99/set of 3)















Pigeon Toe Ceramics Kerr Votive Lantern @ Supermarket ($30)















Recycled Glass Lanterns @ West Elm ($7; set of 3, $21)















Magma Stone Candle Holder (yellow) @ Grounded Modern Living ($53)














Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

All decked out: Eco-illumination
Whether you're after flickering, romantic ambience or straightforward shine, consider these low-impact lights, lanterns and lamps ideal for outdoor spaces.