I’m no fan of Axe men’s grooming products — the company’s puerile, borderline misogynistic adverts often leave me with a visceral reaction — but Axe Canada has a new ad campaign that I can get behind even if the message ultimately still revolves around gettin’ it on.

Just in time for Earth Day, Axe Canada teamed up with WWF-Canada to push the “Showerpooling” initiative that promotes at-home water conservation. What’s showerpooling, you ask? Well, think carpooling but with a shower. While carpooling is something you might do with a neighbor or co-worker, showerpooling is an activity best left to try with a special someone (or multiple someones) unless you’re on the prowl for a terribly awkward moment that involves high-pitched screaming and a slap across the face. Or a lawsuit. Or a restraining order. And I’m not sure Axe Canada's showerpooling concept would go over well in combination with another water-saving technique recommended in Brazil.

Anyways, if you frequently shower alone and there’s someone — Axe recommends "Like-minded acquaintances or attractive strangers" — you can share the experience with, give it a go. You’ll save water and have a bit of fun in the process. As Axe says: "It's not just environmentally friendly, it's all kinds of friendly." Watch the entire ad, embedded above, complete with très sexy faux French Canadien female narration. Also check out the Axe Canada Showerpooling Facebook page where you can sign up for a "Showerpool Introduction Service" and find out other ways to save water that don't involve taking your clothes off.
And I have to ask: Do you ever share showers to save water on a regular basis? I like the shower sharing idea although I don't like the idea of using Axe products.
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Are you into Showerpooling?
A water-conserving practice called 'Showerpooling' is similar to carpooling but minus the car. And minus the clothes.