I'm sore from laughing. Reddit user TroyPDX posted a hilarious story about his adventure battling yellowjackets that had taken up residence in the space between his house and garage. The accompanying photos are awesome.

Here's a sample:

It was actually going fairly well, except it was pretty dark and I couldn't see how many bees I was dealing with, and also I was pretty drunk (I reasoned that alcohol would prevent me from going into shock if things went badly and I got stung a bunch). I was clowning around for my girlfriend, pretending I was being stung. Then a bee got inside my helmet and I started freaking out. My girlfriend thought I was still playing around, so I was on my own. I grabbed the bee poison and basically sprayed myself in the face. That stuff is really unpleasant. Then my glasses fell off and I was essentially blind between that and the spray. I went in the front yard and my girlfriend sprayed the bees that were still crawling all over me. I went inside and jumped in the shower. Then I heard screaming as my girlfriend found a couple bees flying around in the house. So I got out and sprayed them, and accidentally got the cats too. We'll probably all get cancer now.
Click over to Reddit and read his entire post and check out the photo collection.

Me Gusta.

(But yeah, seriously dude, you should probably go see the doctor about that whole "spraying bee poison in your face" thing).

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Armoring up for a battle with yellowjackets
In a world filled with yellowjackets building nests next to garages, one man had the (fortified) courage to stand up and do something about it.