With Michele Bachmann’s own personal apocalypse Jan. 1 nearing and the country bracing itself for the final and most dreaded phase-out stage of the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 — the day when 40- and 60-watt incandescent light bulbs officially cease manufacture in and importation to the United States — Philips has decided to go ahead and kick off the New Year with a 60-watt LED equivalent bulb offering an eye-catchingly svelte profile and energy savings of 85 percent compared to the inferior bulb its designed to replace. And for a high-quality LED with a lifespan of nearly 23 years, the price — still undisclosed by Philips but most likely in the sub-$10 range, according to Ubergizmo — isn’t too shabby either.

Boasting both solid performance specs (dimmable, brightness of 800 lumens at 10.5W) and a sleek, streamlined shape that playfully riffs on classic A-shape light bulbs (A19 on a diet!), the new SlimStyle finds Philips entering the (kind of) post-incandescent era in typically dramatic fashion. And while the fashionably flat-ish bulb will no doubt attract admirers and serve as a nice lower-cost companion/alternative to Philip’s smart LED show stopper, Hue, it may not win over bull-headed incandescent adherents who will see the country’s most popular bulbs, standard 40W and 60W incandescents, gradually vanish from store shelves throughout 2014.

I recently had the chance to try out the Philips SlimStyle and it’s a great little bulb with 360-degree omnidirectional distribution as advertised and a pleasant soft white light with a warmth of 2700K. The 2D bulb's light weight and intriguingly thin good looks come from the fact it's designed without the heavy metal heat sink found in the base of most LED bulbs. I wouldn't go as far to call the bulb "revolutionizing" as the SlimStyle press materials proclaim but it's a notable and unique addition to the market from a leading innovator.

Although I’m partial to the cheaper and slightly more efficient Cree LED which was released as a “no-compromise” 40/60-watt replacement bulb earlier this year, the SlimStyle is still very much a solid choice (CNet has published an interesting bulb-to-bulb comparison between the two bulbs) that I would recommend to LED first-timers. And like the Cree LED line which saw its retail price drop even further with Energy Star certification, Philips is also pursuing an Energy Star rating to help drive down the yet-to-be-announced price of the SlimStyle with rebates and other incentives. 

The Philips SlimStyle LED bulb will be available exclusively at the Home Depot starting Jan.2. Again, an exact price has yet to be announced by Philips but tech chatter is anticipating that it will fall in the sub-$10 range with Energy Star certification pending.

Do you have plans to usher in 2014 with some household light bulb switcheroos? Perhaps slimming down your monthly energy bills with a new LED?

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As incandescent bulbs make final exit, Philips unveils eye-catching LED
Get the skinny on SlimStyle, Philips' latest LED bulb release that boasts a svelte profile and a price tag that's anticipated to be highly competitive.