If you’re a regular reader of MNN, you may have noticed that my name pops up in areas outside of this here blog: photo galleries, gift guides, listicles, roundups of young farmers and sexy meteorologists, the occasional Destination of the Week piece. What can I say? I proudly wear a few editorial hats around these parts. For the past couple of years, I’ve also been one of MNN’s weekly Ask Mother Nature advice columnists along with resident pet guru Morieka Johnson and the always charming Chanie Kirschner.

It all kicked off on Sept. 14 2009 when I advised “Blair from Walla Walla, Wash.” on how to bury poop in the woods dispose of solid waste when camping in ecological sensitive areas. Since then, each Monday I’ve gamely tackled topics ranging from the legitimacy of ice cream trucks to the longevity of dried spices and pretty much everything in between. I’ve also traced the origins of both bellybutton lint and eye boogers and sniffed my own pee (okay, maybe I didn’t) in an examination of asparagus’ effect on urine. My favorite? A column where I pointed "Laurie from Haddonfield, Ill." in the direction of eco-themed horror movies for Halloween that don't "involve human slaughter via pickaxes, chainsaws and Rube Goldberg-inspired torture devices."

Now for some sad news: today’s advice column, on things you can do around the house following daylight saving time (yes, napping is one of them), will be my last. I’m officially retiring. It wasn’t an easy choice but I ultimately decided that I needed to dedicate more time to my regular blogging duties and other MNN projects. So please, dry those sad eyes and try not to get too upset — it’s been a great run (but feel free to send cards and flowers). Chanie and Morieka will still be fielding your questions. You can submit them here.

To mark my retirement from dispelling advice on a weekly basis, below you’ll find a generous handful of green home and garden-related advice columns that I’ve published over the years.

And just because I’m saying sayonora to weekly advice-ing doesn’t mean you can’t still contact me with any pressing questions, comments, and love letters. If you aren’t already, follow me on Twitter and feel free to drop a line, anytime. 

 Are soy candles really ‘better?’

 What’s the environmentally preferable choice: A real Christmas tree or a faux one?

 How can I compost Great Dane doo-doo?

 Should I ditch my not-so-old, eco-unfriendly carpets for newer, eco-friendlier ones?

 Can I rent tools instead of buying to make a bigger difference?

 How can a home aquarium be made more environmentally friendly?

 How can I find a green real estate agent?

 Why aren’t there EnergyStar dryers?

 What should I do with old cooking grease?

 Why is my new piece of furniture emitting a nasty odor?

 What’s an easy and inexpensive way to modify a toilet so that it conserves water?

 What’s a safe and humane way to rid my yard of moles?

 How can I use a bottle of cheap vodka around the house that doesn’t involve martinis?

 Why in the world would I want to attract bats to my backyard?

 Is installing a bidet in my new home the right eco-thing or totally unnecessary?

 What’s so scary about regular old shower curtains?

 How should I go about greening my garage?

 What’s a safe, nontoxic way to remedy household holiday stains?

 How can I protect my urban herb garden from air pollution?

 How can I naturally remove the mothball stench from my furniture?

 What are rain chains?

 How should I store my air conditioner for the winter?

 How do incinerating toilets work?

 How can I naturally humidify my home?

 What is that smell coming from my front-loading washing machine?

 Were any animals harmed in the making of my new down comforter and feather pillows?

 How can a renter save on wintertime heating bills?

Image: Laughlin/Flickr

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Ask and you shall receive: 27 green home questions, answered
Since 2009, I've been fielding your pressing queries as an 'Ask Mother Nature' advice columnist. Today, I fielded my last. In remembrance, join me for a walk do