Signs? Who needs, em? An image of a bike shop's crazy, bike-festooned facade has been circulating around the green design blogosphere like wildfire over the past couple of days. And with good reason ... it's one of the most striking images I've seen in months.
The owners of the shop, located in the German town of Altlandsberg, near Berlin, opted to forgo traditional signage and instead mount (I'm not sure how they did it) around 120 bikes to an exterior wall of the shop. That's co-owner Christian Peterson peeking out the window.
What do you think? Too much? Think they should have gone with "normal" advertising? Or if this store was in your town would you drop everything and buy a new bike just to support the business? Whatever the case, here's hoping Peterson doesn't take up a second career as a taxidermist. 
And I have to ask: do you use a wall-mount bike storage solution at home? What kind? I've heard nothing but good things about the Cycloc ...
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Bicycle, bicycle on the wall ...
The owners of a bike shop in Germany eschew traditional signage and instead display their wares -- 120 bicycles -- on a exterior wall of the shop.