Not much to say here other than that while Porky Hefer Design PhD, the South African design firm that created people-sized hanging nests and completely terrifying dog toys, may not find success in scaring away Sylvester the Cat or thieving squirrels with a CCTV camera-cum-birdhouse concept called, most appropriately, Birdwatcher.

However, this cleverly designed avian shelter for mounting on trees or walls (to be clear, it just looks like a security camera unlike this $500 gizmo) will most likely help to deter unsavories of a completely different kind ("unwanted visitors" as Porky Heifer calls them).

But seriously, when it comes to burglar deterrents supplying local birds with a bit of seed to nosh on is certainly cheaper than keeping a well-trained German shepherd or Rottweiler around the house.

Designed in collaboration with Warren Lewis.

Via [Gizmodo]

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Birdwatcher: A clever birdhouse for scaring away 'seedy' characters
South African firm Porky Hefer Design introduces a security camera-shaped birdhouse designed to keep non-winged trespassers at bay.