While not hauling a reusable water bottle around with you while you’re on the go is one thing, I’ve never quite been able to grasp why some folks, while at home, eschew the tap and hydrate exclusively with bottled water bought in bulk (hi Mom!). I’ve even seen instances where water filters are indeed present in a kitchen, whether they’re filtering pitchers a la Brita or PUR, faucet-mounted systems, or built-into-the refrigerator-door devices, and the use of single-serve bottled water is still rampant. That poor, neglected glassware just waiting to be loved …
Now, pink-loving designer Karim Rashid and the eco-minded gang over at Bobble have introduced a new home water filtration system that, with its gorgeous good looks, space-saving design, and contaminant-absorbing powers, is pretty hard to ignore. Time to break out that glassware, kids!
A plus-sized riff on the original Water Bobble, a design-forward reusable water bottle with a built-in filter, the Bobble Jug is equally at home chilling in the fridge or getting a workout as an elegant tabletop pitcher. The Bobble Jug’s sleek, streamlined design holds a fair amount of water, and unlike more clunky filtering water pitchers, it can fit into refrigerator doors. Like the original Water Bobble, the Bobble jug boasts a super-powered activated charcoal filter that’s available in six different eye-catching colors and is capable of removing/reducing levels of chlorine along with copper, zinc, lead, mercury and cadmium from regular municipal tap water. The jug itself is BPA-free and made from recyclable plastic.
Learn more about the Bobble Jug in the video below. Like what you see? The Bobble Jug is available directly through Bobble for $30 or at Target stores. Replacement filters are sold separately. And if you’re in the market for an original, portable Water Bobble, consider this limited-edition beauty, the Sophia Bush. With each purchase, 50 percent of proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Bobble Jug: The Water Bobble gets a big brother
Say hello to the Bobble Jug, the sleekest, sexiest and most sustainable contaminant-filtering water pitcher that you and your refrigerator are likely to meet.