This past weekend, I attended my very first (and perhaps only) "liquid gift"-fueled party of the holiday season. Two days later, the gracious hostess — a new mother — sent out an email thanking everyone for "the bourbon bottles and baby clothes" while noting that the worst discovery of the evening was the revelation that the "cup of water" she slugged at the end of the evening was, in fact, "a cocktail of peppermint schnapps and flat tonic."
She also noted that due to the kitchen tableau getting "downright terrifying" she'd be hiring both a babysitter and a bartender next year.  
And one the topic of bartenders and kitchen tableaus, I thought it would be only appropriate to highlight drinking accouterment that's sure to make holiday entertaining all the more jolly (but hopefully not so jolly that you have to put Cindy from IT in time-out after two too many helpings of spiked eggnog).
Below, you'll find an assortment of glassware, coasters, and wine-sipping/cocktail-swilling accessories fit for any wet wintertime fête. They're predominately of the vintage, handmade, and eco-friendly variety. And even if you aren't hosting your own libation-centric holiday event, these items make for excellent host/hostess gifts that promote environmentally responsible drinking. And if you're looking to save cash by using up those random bottles of booze that mysteriously ended up in your liquor cabinet, look not further. Cheers!


Vintage Christmas Mid-Century Egg Nog Bowl & Cups @ CoyoteVine's Etsy store ($30)

Holiday Cheer Wood Letterpress Drink Stirrers @ IdeaChic's Etsy store ($10/8 pack)













Recycled Wine Punt Glassware - Olive @ West Elm ($22/set of 4)















Festive Bear Cocktail Napkins @ Terrain ($98)


Chalet Holiday Bowls (because you have to have something to snack on) @ Bambeco ($19)














Corkcicle Wine Chiller by Eric Miller @ MoMA Store ($25)















Horned Beauty Bottle Opener @ Anthropologie ($28)















Teak Wood Coasters @ Poketo ($24) 
















Paper Drinking Straws - Red Striped @ Fishs Eddy ($4.95)















Reindeer Shot Glass by Goody Grams @ Mollaspace ($28)















Ceramic Paper Cup @ Kikkerland ($11)
















Almedahls Tomtenisse Dish Cloths @ Huset ($7)















Wooden Party Trays by Gregg Palm @ UncommonGoods ($155/set of 6)



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Bottoms up, coasters out: Festive, drink-serving gear for the booziest time of year
Need to provide the sauce for an ugly sweater party? Enjoy swilling 'nog in a group setting? Behold, eco-friendly drinking paraphernalia and bareware perfect f