This Saturday Guardian readers were encouraged to partake in the RSPB's Make Your Nature Count wildlife survey by tweeting about all the tweeting (and crawling, burrowing, hopping, grazing, slithering, etc.) going down in their own backyards. Nature-loving live-bloggers must have been totally overwhelmed by the abundance (or lack thereof ) of fauna because sightings on the Guardian Environment blog were rather paltry. Maybe wildlife in the U.K. decided to be press-shy for the weekend. Or maybe potential contributors were too busy naked cycling for the environment. Or maybe I'm totally missing something.

Regardless, guest blogger Alex Horne even tweeted: It's been eerily quiet for the last ten minutes here. Even the bees have buzzed off.

Still, nature-spotters (the hired wildlife live-bloggers, specifically) did chime in with sightings of birds, badgers, butterflies, and, um, brown rats. The survey's official Flickr group proved to be less anemic than the blog with a nice, insect-heavy assortment of photos. All and all, a cool concept to remind folks you don't have to stray too far from your own backyard to spot animals of the non-plastic flamingo variety.

In the spirit of the Make Your Nature Count survey, I took to my roof for a Sunday evening fauna-spotting/photo sesh. For those who haven't read my blog before, I live in an apartment in Brooklyn, N.Y., where wildlife is, well, elusive. Still, it was beautiful outside, so I thought I'd give it a go. 

 It's a bird! It's a plane! Yeah, it's a plane.

There is a colony of feral cats that live in the garbage-strewn "garden" behind my building. I was hoping to see one slink by under the foliage but no such luck. 

Birds were tweetin' pretty hard on my expedition. They were too distant for me to get a clear shot but above is an attempt. Unable to identify breed.

Wild hipsters.
A, umm, crane. 

No signs of wildlife in the abandoned lot across the street, sadly. 

An outdoor clothesline

Obviously, I don't live in a prime nature-spotting area; even seagulls and feral cats were hard to come by. Do you have any critters living in your backyard that frequently make appearances? Growing up, my backyard was a hotbed of friendly squirrels, nesting birds, and occasional possums that would torment my mother's shih tzu. 

Thumbnail: Peggy Collins 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Brits live-blog backyard critter sightings
<i>Guardian</i> readers are asked to report sightings of birds and bees as part of the Make Your Nature Count backyard wildlife survey.