With National Bulk Foods Week — the Bulk is Green Council-sponsored observance of the economic and environmental perks of buying bulk foods — about to begin (Oct. 14–20), it’s as good a times as ever to start bulking up on food purchases for the winter. Keep in mind, however, that buying bulk doesn’t necessary mean applying for a Costco card and investing in Kate Gosselin-appropriate quantities of elbow macaroni and corn nuts. Whether you’re after nuts, grains, beans, rice, coffee, popcorn, sugar, spices, candy, cookies or other dry pantry staples, when buying bulk foods you can buy as little as you need (particular helpful when it comes to esoteric spices that you only use once in a blue moon) helping to eliminate waste, avoid excessive packaging, and most importantly, save a few bucks. And on that note, a recent study commissioned by the Bulk is Green Council found that, on average, bulk organic foods are 89 percent less expensive than their packaged counterparts.
Like last year, I have a few suggestions when it comes to countertop storage options for bulk bin purchases. Rinsing out and reusing old glass jars — typically preserve/jelly, but pasta sauce jars are ideal for plus-sized amounts — is the greenest way to go. However, you may want to spruce up your kitchen countertop with something a little more, well, special to complement your arsenal of old Trader Joe's spaghetti sauce bottles that have been filled with Israeli couscous and basmati rice. Below, you’ll find a handful of countertop storage solutions made from a range of materials including recycled glass and porcelain to help you celebrate National Bulk Foods Week in style.
Do you have any bulk food storage tips or tidbits? What's your preferred countertop container type?

8 oz Coca Cola Spice Jar @ Hipcycle ($12.50)

Chalkboard Storage Jars @ Anthropologie ($28 - $36)

Canning Jars @ Brook Farm General Store ($8 - $15)

Recycled Glass Spice Jars @ World Market ($7.96 - set of 4)

Glass Barrel Jar with Aluminum Lid @ The Container Store ($21.99)

New York Times Crossword Canister @ Fishs Eddy ($13.48)

Italian Ceramic Spice Jars @ Sur la Table ($19.95)

Bodum Yohki Glass Canister with Stainless Steel Lid - 34 oz @ Bed Bath & Beyond ($24.99)

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Bulking up: 8 countertop storage solutions
Help usher in National Bulk Foods Week (Oct. 14-20) by outfitting your kitchen counter with stylish containers and canisters made from recycled glass, porcelain