Well, it appears to be that time of year again when everyone and their open-toe sandaled sister has alfresco seating options on the brain — you know, the perfect place to plant our posterior from Memorial Day onwards. Even the Gray Lady is not immune.

From the U.K. comes yet another suspended outdoor seating arrangement that, like the portable tree house substitute known as the Tentsile, is essentially a souped-up hammock at heart.

Called the Cacoon — not to be confused with the 1985 sci-fi film featuring geriatric intrigue and Steve Guttenberg having alien sex in a swimming pool — this swing chair-hammock-garden seat hybrid is described by its creators at Hang-In-Out as a “back to the nest adventure.” I'm not sure what that means but I'll take it.

Conceived by a husband-wife design team with experience in both high-end furniture design and sail-making for racing yachts, the inspiration for the Cacoon came about while the two were on vacation in Mexico and stumbled across a colony of weaver birds in the midst of building their woven hanging nests — their “safe bolt-hole in the jungle.”

Realizing that after a rough week in the office humans could certainly benefit from a little QT in a hanging bolt-hole, too, the Cacoon — a place where “just like the weaver bird, you too can be hidden away and sheltered, comfortable and relaxed, cocooned alone, or together, in your own private world” — was born and christened with a $390 price tag ($540 for a double-seater).


Spendy, yes, but these refreshingly unfussy hanging hideaways are made in the U.K. from top-of-the-line, marine-grade materials. Ready to hang by a single point indoors or (preferably) out, the canvas-like polyester and cotton blend fabric is water-resistant, UV-treated, and machine-washable in the event you doze off and spill your second margarita of the day.

Suitable for both camping expeditions in addition to less far-flung escapes into the backyard, the Cacoon’s lightweight design (11 pounds for the single and 13 pounds for the double) makes it easy to pack and carry. The weight capacity for both sizes is a generous 440 pounds.

Off-the-shelf color options include white, chili red, leaf green, orange mango, and sky blue while bespoke colors and customization are also available. Each Cacoon comes with a carrying bag, hanging rope, and, carabiner along with a set of 8 aluminum ring sections. Doors, insect nets, and sheepskin rugs are all sold separately.

Tools, however, are not needed to install a Cacoon but knot-tying skills and site prep are needed to install each hanging seat. It’s also probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with the best methods of getting in and out of the contraption.

Cacoons and Cacoon accessories are sold directly through the Hang-in-Out webstore with shipping to the U.S. and Canada available.

Via [Gizmag]

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Cacoon: A nest-inspired hanging hang-out spot
Inspired by the woven hanging nests of weaver birds, the Cacoon is a lovely hammock-hanging seat mash-up ideal for solitary, nap-based escapes.