Got a bad case of the holiday blues? I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was feeling a bit down and out lately because of the super-cold weather here in NYC, fatigue, and a whole bunch of ugh-worthy issues that would require billing me by the hour.

Anyways, this is obviously a bit off-topic for a green home and design blog, but there’s no better way to treat the bah humbugs than watching a well-edited commercial featuring a bunch of cute animals running amok. It’s certainly cheaper than therapy. But what I’m about to feature isn’t your ordinary commercial. It’s "Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats."

This four-minute documentary (it’s essentially a Friskies cat food ad disguised as a short film, but I don’t mind) collects footage kind-of-filmed by a bunch of pretty kitties wearing specially designed HD video cameras on their collars. I normally see this brand of jarring camera work in horror films like “Cloverfield” and “REC,” so “Cat Diaries” is a delightful change of pace.

The nine different camera-operating “RePURRters” — including Fudge, Gizmo, Jett, Milo, Moca, Mousse, Nutkins, Penelope, and the incomparable Charlene Butterbean who happens to hail from my hometown of Tacoma, Wash., — were selected by Friskies to partake in the film not only because of their playfulness and ability to wear a camera around their necks without completely freaking out, but what part of the country they reside in and where exactly they call home — a house or an apartment — was also part of the casting process. I must say it’s fascinating to see a home’s interior — and a whole lot of IKEA furniture — from a feline POV.

"Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats" premiered last week at the Grove in Los Angeles in a red carpet event attended by Denise Richards who apparently, aside from being one of Charlie Sheen's ex-wives, is a patron of feline-generated cinema. A shortened version of the film will be screened at select theatres through Dec. 23. Or, you can just watch it in its entirety below.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

'Cat Diaries': Your home ... from a feline POV
We now interrupt your regularly scheduled green home and design news item to bring you a short documentary about — and entirely filmed by — cats.