It truly is the season for special eco-themed days, weeks, and months. With Earth Day (which has pretty much morphed into Earth Week/Month) and Arbor Day having passed, we’ve just reached National Wildflower Week in the middle of Bike Month/Preservation Month with National Camping Month and International Clothesline Week on the horizon. And guess what? It's also International Compost Awareness Week

Whether you’re compost-curious or actively do the dirty deed and need of a serious worm bin and tumbler fix, why not observe ICAW by checking out the just-launched site, I’ve never seen anything quite like It’s part web store — they stock everything and anything a home composter could possibly crave along with rain barrels and gardening supplies aplenty — and part exhaustive compost resource with videospodcastsblogvarious educational resources, and of course, the requisite compost ingredient list.  

The brains behind this Dallas-based operation are “ecopreneurs” Robert Oliver and Karl Warkomski, the duo also responsible for the BioPod Plus, “highly advanced, grub compost bins that utilizes native grubs to speed up the bioconversion process and produce nutritious feed for chickens, fish and songbirds.” Sounds groovy, if you’re into that kind of thing. Or perhaps you'd prefer the Hanging Worm Hotel

Says Warkomski in an official press release:

Composting is a way to feed the earth through recycling – it’s a simple and low-maintenance way to create nutrient-rich soil that allows animals, plants and flowers to flourish. By reducing waste and giving nutrients back to the Earth, we can learn, create and experience the rhythms of a renewable life cycle.
If I had an actual garden and the physical space to compost (I’m still flirting with the idea of buying an indoor composter that would somehow work in my Brooklyn apartment as one of my still-unfulfilled green goals for ‘10) I'd certainly know where to turn for a $1,300 vermicompost tea brewer and some sage advice.

And by the way, happy Cinco de Mayo/Bread Pudding Recipe Exchange Week/National Vinegar Month. 

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Compost "R" Us
Usher in International Compost Awareness Week by digging in to the freshly launched compost retailer/resource,