If you read this blog regularly, you’re probably aware that I’m a big supporter of natural household cleaners. However, there’s always been a not-so-slight sticking point that I admittedly skirt around: the issue of packaging. As much as I try to go the multipurpose route (one bottle for multiple tasks) and try DIY cleaning recipes (no bottles) it’s inevitable that you’ll find a decent-sized arsenal of task-specific spray bottles under my kitchen sink.
The market for low-packaging natural cleaners that are DIY in spirit but don’t involve concocting your own solutions from scratch is quite limited (Arm & Hammer Essentials does offer a mix-it-yourself cleaning product line) so it was excellent to get wind of Conserve Cleaning Tabs, a new line of tablet-based natural household cleaners from always eco-forward Baumgartens.
commercial version of Conserve has been offered for some time now — the line just won the Environmentally-Friendly Product of the Year Award at The North American Office Product Awards while the Window & Glass Cleaner has been DfE (Design for the Environment) certified by the EPA — but it wasn’t until recently that Conserve expanded into the household market using the same nifty tablet technology. 
Here’s how Conserve Cleaning Tabs work: drop a single concentrated cleaning tab — choose from Multi-Surface, Bathroom, Fabric Freshener, and Glass & Window — into a spray bottle, repurposed or brand new, and just add tap water. Wait a few minutes for the tab to dissolve a la Alka-Seltzer and viola ... you now have 32 ounces of effective, petrochemical/ammonia/bleach-free cleaner.
Head on over to the Conserve commercial product homepage for more on the eco-benefits of buying cleaning products in tab form, and be sure to check back for retailer information as Conserve's household cleaners enter the market. 
Is buying cleaning product tablets and supplying your own spray bottle(s) and water something you'd be down to do? Or would you rather stick to pre-concocted solutions?

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Conserve cleaners: A lil' tab will do ya
Say goodbye to extraneous packaging with Conserve Cleaning Tabs, a line of natural household cleaners for which you supply the spray bottle and the water and th