Although released a few months too late for inclusion in the final post of my “The green crib” series of posts which brought you the greatest and greenest in nursery furnishings and décor, there’s a new duo of baby beds on the scene that I just can’t pass up.
Gro Furniture, a Nashville-based company founded by architects/parents David and Aimee Singelyn, recently released two transformative cribs dubbed Bam B and Pod P that continue to “grow up” and take on new uses well after Junior graduates from diapers. These heirloom-quality “cradle-to-college” pieces can be converted five different ways: a crib, a toddler bed, a toy chest, a daybed and a desk. Aside from the obvious green cred of anything-but-disposable Gro Cribs, they’re crafted in the U.S. from bamboo (Bam B) or solid birch ply (Pod P) and are treated with nontoxic, plant-based finishes. Plus, the cribs are super safe, exceeding 2011 U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission requirements.
Sure they’re safe and sustainable, but the best part of Gro Cribs? Even a bumbling, impatient idiot like me could put one together … and in less than two minutes with no tools or parts required. Aside from someone like yours truly — who requires three hours and a bottle of wine to put together a single bookshelf from IKEA — this is a huge perk for parents who have better things to do than spend an entire afternoon assembling a crib. Check out the video below for proof.
Gro Cribs start at $990 and are available directly from the Gro Furniture website. The prices are a bit on the high end, yes, but it's an excellent deal considering the multiple uses and durability of each piece. Beautiful stuff ... here's hoping that Gro Furniture expands into the world of transformative furniture for childless, space-strapped, assembly-challenged adults sometime in the future.

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Cradle to college: Gro Cribs
Nashville-based Gro Furniture releases Bam B and P Pod, two ingeniously designed modern cribs that Junior — unless he reaches Kris Humphries' height by the ag