Finally! Something to go with your Re-vive Table Legs and Wannabe Table

Welcome to Crutch, a "DIY table kit" as TrendHunter calls it. Designed by Bern, Switzerland-based Nicola Enrico Stäubli, the concept of Crutch is simple: find yourself an old door, giant piece of scrap wood, or what have you that's between 24 and 33 mm thick (about 1 inch). If you don't have repurposable slabs of wood laying just around the house, check out your local Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Next, comes the fun part where "metal frames are put over the edges of a tabletop and contracted with lashing straps creating a highly solid linkage." Voila! You now have yourself a sturdy table. 

Nifty. I'm a huge fan of "build-your-own-furniture-out-of-whatever-you-have-around" design concepts ... great for moving day furniture solutions and outdoor dining on the fly. I'm not sure about a retail price for Crutch — the kits are available soon in a limited edition — or if they'll be available stateside but it's certainly inspirational for lazy and/or timid DIYers. 

Via [SwissMiss] via [TrendHunter]

Images: Nicola from Bern

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Crutch: DIY on the fly
Swiss designer Nicola Enrico Stäubli makes DIY furniture construction a whole lot easier -- and fun -- with Crutch.