With the Rockettes in full kick mode, Mariah Carey blasting in every Rite-Aid across the country, and the floodgates of Christmastime now wide open, I thought now is as good a time as ever to start thinking about making your home a bit more joyous (if you haven’t already).


Although my current holiday décor habits are minimalist and totally tree-less (surprising, considering how gung-ho about holiday decorating I was as a kid … I think I liked helping my mom gussy up the house and trim the tree more than opening presents), I do appreciate a good seasonal embellishment or two or three or 10. And I’m not talking about chintzy, plastic, made-in-China stuff that will only last a couple of seasons before being crushed or eaten by the cat but well-made, heirloom-quality décor with a story behind it. That said, the best kind of holiday décor is the homemade kind, but if you’re too swamped to break out the felt and glue gun for a crafting session, eco-friendly holiday decorations and housewares made with care by somebody else are a fine substitute. So check out my below holiday decor picks, put on the Kenny and Dolly Christmas album, and get decorating! 


Vintage Station Wagon and Christmas Tree Organic Cotton Flour Sack Tea Towels by Oh, Little Rabbit @ Supermarket ($8)


















Felt Reindeer Head @ VivaTerra ($75)

















Rickshaw Performance Tweed Holiday Stockings @ Rickshaw Bagworks ($18)​















Papier-Mâché Reindeer @ West Elm ($24.99 - $69.99)















Succulent Wreath @ VivaTerra ($88; $98 w/ hanger)















Spalted-Wood Menorah @ Branch ($128; $148 w/ candles)















Park Ave. Christmas Pillows @ Build Your Block ($69)















Christmas-Tree-To-Bee @ Potting Shed Creations ($20)















Printed Pouches Advent Calendar @ Terrain ($68)















Woodland Owl Ornament @ Poketo ($12)















Lovi Wooden Christmas Tree with Decorations @ A+R Store ($106)















Felt Mistletoe @ Branch ($26)
















Rogues Gallery Holiday Stockings @ Rogues Gallery ($35 - $82)















Log Cabin Incense, Balsam Fir @ Terrain ($18)




Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

Decking the halls MNN style: 2011 edition
Now that the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is plugged-in, it's safe to start thinking about dressing up your casa with seasonal, stylish and sustainable che