Looking for a holiday craft project to enjoy with your kids? Here are a few of my favorites this year from around the Web:


Craft stick nativity: How cute is this little nativity scene made out of craft sticks and wooden doll pins? It's really easy to put together and makes a great holiday decoration or gift.






Pinecone snowman: Your kids will love making this super-cool pinecone snowman either to give as a gift or to decorate your own tree.  The basic snowman is easy to make, so little kids could handle it, but you might want to help out, or let older kids handle the smaller details like ski poles and ear muffs to get this guy just right.


Popcorn ball ornaments: These ornaments are fun to make and fun to taste-test along the way.  You can make your own popcorn ball, or buy one at the store (make sure you have some extras for nibbling) and add mini candies to decorate. Yum!





Pie plate ornaments: What can you do with those leftover pie plates that seem to accumulate during the holidays?  Make ornaments out of them, of course!  Use a cookie cutter, or the templates included at the link, to cut out any shape you choose.  Then decorate, tape some fishing line on he back, and voilà! Holiday magic.



Bread dough ornaments: You can't go wrong with these bread dough ornaments.  Unlike salt dough ornaments (also fun to make!)  you just need a few leftover and wadded up pieces of bread to make these beauties.  Use cookie cutters of any shape - bells, stars, dinosaurs - whatever makes your kids smile, to make the shapes and decorate as you see fit.


Classic Christmas sled: All you need to make this classic sled ornament is craft sticks and a little creativity.  If you're making this project with little kids, do yourself (and them) a favor and assemble this one ahead of time and let them get in on the painting and decorating.  It can be kind of tricky to hold all of the sticks together at the right angle while the glue is drying, and little ones may not have that kind of patience!

DIY: Christmas ornaments and decorations
Break out the craft sticks and glue and whip up these festive holiday decorations and ornaments.