I’m vigilant about making sure that sartorial castaways from my closet end up in the right secondhand hands (I donate to the wonderful chain of NYC nonprofit thrift stores, Housing Works). However, there are some clothing items — pit-stained undershirts, unmentionables, socks, items damaged/stained beyond repair — and household textiles like sheets, towels, and pillows that don’t make it to my “donate” bag. I try to hang on to these items as long as possible but as someone who is scared of (sewing) needles and who has limited space at home, a few things regrettably enter the waste stream.

Pet owners faced with this dilemma, have a great upcycling alternative in the form of Molly Mutt Dog Duvets.

Here’s how it works: Molly Mutt provides the stylin', 100 percent cotton duvet covers available in special DIY dog bed kits or individually along with special mesh “stuff sacks.” You collect old, unused, and potentially trash-bound bedding, towels, and clothing piling up around the house and simply stuff ‘em into the sack that provides the filling for the duvet. Voila! A comfy, good-looking pet bed for your four-legged housemate. The resulting beds may end up a bit lumpy but I don’t think you’ll be getting any complaints.

In addition to preventing textiles from being landfilled, Molly Mutt Dog Duvets are also a great alternative to one-piece foam pet beds that are tossed and replaced after suffering particularly big messes. MM duvet covers are completely washable and if you want to freshen up the bed’s “insides,” that’s an easy option, too.

Three DIY kits — Hey, Scenesters!, Shoegazing, Posh Playthings — are available for $50 (small), $72 (medium/large), and $95 (huge). Each contains two fashionable doggy duvet covers and the stuff sack. There’s also a fresh new duvet design, Perfect Afternoon, not yet available as part of the DIY kits.


Neato. Be sure to check out the Molly Mutt blog and the MMM Flickr group to see action shots of some truly happy customers. 

Via [Re-Nest]

Photos: Molly Mutt

Matt Hickman ( @mattyhick ) writes about design, architecture and the intersection between the natural world and the built environment.

DIY dog duvets
Don't know what to do with that pile of old pillows? Sadie the schnauzer would appreciate it if you stuff 'em into a stylish Molly Mutt's Dog Duvet